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Solutions for Loose Dentures

January 12, 2011

overdenture using 4 locator attachments

No matter how well dentures are made, they may still float around in the patients mouth causing denture ulcerations and making chewing and speaking difficult.  This is particularly true for the lower denture due to the architecture of that particular arch and the tongue and muscle attachments.  There is an excellent solution for the age old problem of loose dentures.  We start by making sure the fit and the bite is as good as possible.  This may require a reline or remake of the denture.  We procede by placing 2 or more implants per arch and using precision attachments, we then fabricate an upper or lower overdenture that literally locks into place with the boney structures of the mouth. 

The steps and sequence of this treatment may vary according to your particular situation, however the procedures are usually minimally invasive and relatively pain free.  Messy denture pastes and powders will be a thing or the past and you can smile, eat and speak with confidence.  Call our office and schedule a consultation to see if this procedure is right for you.

In the video link below, you will find an animation of a lower overdenture with 4 mandibular implants using locator attachments.  The video shows simplified implant placement and the overdenture going to place with a snap-like engagement of the attachments.


Dental Makeover

January 4, 2011

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For me, some of the greatest enjoyment in dentistry comes from making improvements in peoples smiles.  I wanted to kick off the New Year by sharing this case where we did just that.  Porcelain crowns, gingival recontouring and implants made a significant difference for this patient.  As you can see in his after shots, he exudes a warmth and confidence that was missing in the before shots.  The photos say it all!   Check it out and let me know what you think.

Gary A. Bartholomew, D.M.D.


December 29, 2010

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Sometimes the simplest procedures can have a very profound effect on a persons smile.. Check out Rachel…she had a great orthodontic result by Dr Collins but was still not totally pleased with her smile because she felt she showed too much gum. Using the dental laser we performed a gumlift procedure which is simple and quick. She was comfortable during and after the procedure and the healing time was minimal. Here are her before and after photos. What do you think?

Welcome to our Blog!

December 23, 2010
Dr Gary Bartholomew and Team
Dr Gary Bartholomew and Team

 Stay tuned for dental tips and news – also, watch for pics of our awesome patients and read about their smile transformations!