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Join our excitement! Introducing CEREC 3D Dentistry

June 13, 2012

We have integrated the latest generation of diagnostic imaging technology into our practice and our patients love it!  With CEREC 3D Dentistry,  Dr. Bartholomew uses special digital radiography tools and imaging software to analyze 3-dimensional views of oral structures in the treatment planning process.

The benefit to our patients in the convenience of going to a single location and efficiency in communication and treatment planning has received rave reviews!

The 3D Difference

Traditional dental xrays are 2-dimensional views of teeth and jaw structures, making it challenging to see close-up views of underlying bone support from every angle.  3D imaging offers the ability to visually rotate tooth and jawbone structures for 360-degree viewing, providing additional information to support the treatment planning process.

Dental Implants

For years, Dr. Bartholomew has used multiple dental and medical imaging views to evaluate supportive jaw bone and tooth structures in the selection of the optimal location and procedure guidance for placement of dental implants.  Now, with our own 3D imaging system, he can provide this service and acquire even more information in the comfort of our facility!

CEREC® Dental Implant Restoration

After using 3D diagnostics for guided placement of your dental implant, Dr. Bartholomew can further apply the 3D model to design and fabricate a natural-looking implant crown to replace the missing tooth using CEREC®.

  • After your implant has healed, this synchronized approach can be accomplished in a single visit without depending on an outside lab!

Read more about CEREC® 3D Dentistry

If you are in need of dental treatment to help with missing teeth or are experiencing difficulty in biting or chewing, please Contact Us to learn more about what 3D dental technology has to offer.


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